Re: Contact for Google

Allen West

Hi Ashley,

I was helping him get a Google Voice number. Either he gave the the
wrong cell number or I wrote it wrong. Either way, a stranger has the
Google number intended for him. We will try to fix this over the
weekend. He does not have Be My Eyes. I will enlist their
assistance on Saturday when I visit him.


On 11/30/21, Ashley Breger via <ashbreger@...> wrote:
If your friend uses Be My Eyes then I know there is a Google option under
the specialized help. I’m not sure if they could help your friend. What kind
of trouble is your friend having with Google voice? I may be able to help.

Ashley Breger

On Nov 30, 2021, at 8:51 PM, Allen West <alwest0324@...> wrote:


I'm trying to help a friend with his Google Voice issue. He wants to
contact Google by phone and talk to a live person. I have searched
pretty hard for a phone number and can't find one. Does anyone on the
list have a number for Google?

Thanks much


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