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Hi Holly,
I know Consumer Cellular will use different cell provider service towers depending on where you're located.  Do you know what cell provider towers they're using for you?  I'm curious to see if they're using Verizon's towers because I'm curious to see if the service quality is as good.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Are you in the U.S.?  I just signed up with Consumer Cellular.  I was with Verizon before and my bill was $54 for one phone with 3 gb of data.  Now, with my new service, I am paying $20 a month for the same plan.  They are having a promotion now, so get $5 off every month for the next 20 months, then the price will go to $25 a month.
If you DeLong to AARP or are a member of USAA, you also get a discount.

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