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Pablo Morales



My apologies for the repeated email.


I would like to ask to all of you who are low vision or totally blind like me. What are the real benefits of Windows 11 over Windows 10. I mean, more than waking up faster, good for gaming, and these kind of things that might not be very important for all users.


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Hello all,


I have use the PC help check app, and according with it my computer is able to run Windows 11. Well, I had to modify some little things on the bios. However, PC help check says that my PC is able to do that.

However, the same PC Help Check suggest to wait for the update.

Windows 11 has not been released yet?

What I find on the Microsoft page is a little bit confusing. It could be because I am outside of US?

I know that I can just download the Windows 11 software to a thumb drive and install it. But, why the PC help is giving me this warning?



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