Linux? OK, am Curious



Up until now, I've ignored Linux mostly because I already had gotten a
good understanding of MS Windows and several Windows Applications, and
the thought of re-learning another OS and those applications I would
need was something I didn't want to deal with.

but, now, after reading the small article sent to me by someone
concerning Linux, I am now curious.  And I happen to have an older
Machine that would have enough Memory and CPU speed to handle most
anything Linux would need.

So, my question is, is there a version of Linux that would be better for
someone totally blind?  Meaning is there a Linux Screen Reader that
works well, or at least well enough to navigate around?

And if there is someone on this list already using Linux, perhaps there
are questions I need to know that I should ask and find answers before I
find myself in a Rats Nest of problems that I might have avoided if I
only would have known.

Thanks for any advice,

Grumpy Dave

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