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Carolyn Arnold

I had the minutes with the lowest data with Consumer Cellular, and I never ran over. I'm at home a lot so can use Wi-Fi.

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Depend on which plan you have.
The lowest plan doesn’t give you data or text, just minutes.

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I have not yet used my iPhone for Internet outside of my house. I am with consumer cellular. does this mean when I try to use the internet outside my house that I won't be able to do it? If it does I may have to switch carriers. That's no big deal I can do it but I'd like to know. thanks.
On 12/1/2021 6:49 PM, brian wrote:
The thing that I don't like about Consumer cellular is that all of your data is combined. It's not seperated like Verizon's data is. For example on my plan I get 50 gigs permonth of celular data and 30 gigs permonth of mobile hotspot data. I called Consumer cellular and I was told that their highest plan was only 50 gigs permonth and the hotspot date is not seperate from the cellular data it's one 50 gig permonth. I prefer to have seperate data for my cellular data and my hotspot data. My only internet is my hotspot on my phone. I usb tether my phone to my pc. Combind data was a deal breaker for mefor me not getting Consumer cellular. If you are happy with them than thats great for you but for me no thanks.
Brian Sackrider
On 12/1/2021 6:58 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Marda, what is a SE 2020? I am also with Consumer Cellular, but I bought their cheapest flip phone for about $35. I don't think it has any kind of speech access. I may trade for a smarter phone if I think I can learn to work it.

On 12/1/2021 5:24 PM, Marda wrote:
I am on consumer cellular. They have good service and I like that their customer service is all US based. They did away with my old ten dollar a month plan without telling me in advance which made me mad and I think there are a few cheaper companies but I stick with them because their prices and customer service are still good and when I went to their counter at a target store they turned on voiceover for me with my SE 2020 and were very nice so I appreciated that.
On 12/1/2021 5:04 PM, Holly wrote:

Are you in the U.S.? I just signed up with Consumer Cellular. I was with Verizon before and my bill was $54 for one phone with 3 gb of data. Now, with my new service, I am paying $20 a month for the same plan. They are having a promotion now, so get $5 off every month for the next 20 months, then the price will go to $25 a month.

If you DeLong to AARP or are a member of USAA, you also get a discount.

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