windows 7/often folder list looks blank till I maximize the folder's window


This even happens a lot in emails too, where opening an email shows blank. To bring the email's contents up I have to either maximize with alt space together and then the letter X; or I have to turn off and then on the Jaws virtual cursor.
So that's the email situation and it can be annoying. But it seems to be worse every day, this problem of going to a folder and then, upon opening, seeing nothing till I maximize. Lots of folders do this--the my computer folder, songs, etc. My daughter told me the other day that my screen looked big, which is hard to believe since when I open folders the contents must be too little to see. I don't know what is going on, but am very open to any thoughts. I'm sure the computer and Windows should probably be revamped somehow, and this just seems to be happening way too often.

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