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Hi Pablo,


I have a new pc which will run win11, but  right now,  I cannot think of 1 reason why I would want to do so.

Win10 will be fully supported  until October of 2025.

If, in a few monthsor a year, I discover  a good reason to upgrade to win11, I will think about it then.






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This is exactly what I am trying to understand. Is windows 11 going to be better than Windows 10?

or worse, or the same. I have not seen substantial advantages on Windows 11. Better gaming, faster to wake up, new shape on the desktop. For me these are not enough reasons to replace Windows 10 for a new version that might have a lot of disadvantages specially about accessibility. One thing that I see very curious is that Microsoft marketing campaigns about windows 11 are talking so much about the beauty of Windows 11. However, there is a message that repeats on their advertising . Buy a new computer.

Is Microsoft trying to promote the purchase of new devices?

What is Microsoft gaming with this promotion?

I don’t know how is written the software provisions contract between Microsoft and those computer’s brands.

So, nope. I will not update to Windows 11. Nothing justify the risk and efforts. At least, not right now.





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In your message, you say that one reason to upgrade is that the new version will do things you want to do better than the old version.  I suspect you misstated what you were intending to say.  The new version won’t necessarily do something better or worse and often there is no difference.  I suspect you meant to say may. 



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Hello Pablo,


Funny thing about Upgrades, there is always that temptation to switch to the newest, just because it is the newest. 


The problem with New stuff is that often there is a bit of a learning curve to get through, as you navigate around learning how to do the normal stuff you've been doing without thinking about it in the old version. 

Then there are those unknown places where the Screen Reader fails to read the screen well, and you stumble around until a fix or a work around comes along. 


So why Upgrade? 


Well, I normally don't until a bit of time has gone by, so others who fall to the temptation of the New Item install it and find out its strengths and weaknesses. 


And lets not forget those pesky Bugs that are always part of a new release of anything  new. 


I usually wait until the first Service Pack, or when the edition goes from X.0 to X.1 before I give in to my curiosity and then fork out the money for the upgrade. 


But, there are good reasons to upgrade, and some of those reasons are that the newest version will do what you like to do better than the old version.  Perhaps the new edition works better with a Screen Reader.  Or perhaps the newest edition has new features that might make your tasks easier to accomplish.  If there seems to be real improvements, then perhaps it is time to take the plunge and push the Button to start downloading your Upgrade tonight.



Grumpy Dave





On 12/1/2021 6:01 PM, Pablo Morales wrote:



My apologies for the repeated email.


I would like to ask to all of you who are low vision or totally blind like me. What are the real benefits of Windows 11 over Windows 10. I mean, more than waking up faster, good for gaming, and these kind of things that might not be very important for all users.


Thanks guys,





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Hello all,


I have use the PC help check app, and according with it my computer is able to run Windows 11. Well, I had to modify some little things on the bios. However, PC help check says that my PC is able to do that.

However, the same PC Help Check suggest to wait for the update.

Windows 11 has not been released yet?

What I find on the Microsoft page is a little bit confusing. It could be because I am outside of US?

I know that I can just download the Windows 11 software to a thumb drive and install it. But, why the PC help is giving me this warning?



Thanks all,








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