Re: How to connect Victor Reader Stream to WiFi?

Peter Spitz

Thanks for the detailed instructions! It worked after I initially
typed in the wrong password. Thanks again.

On 12/3/21, chris judge <chrisjudge1967@...> wrote:
Hi Peter.

Make sure you are on the online bookshelves mode. Do this by pressing the
round button above number 2 until you hear, online bookshelf. Next, press
the number 7 key once. You should be taken to the wireless menu. Arrow down
with the number 8 key to Scan for available networks. Press the confirm key
which is directly to the right of zero.
Next, arrow down until you hear your network name and press the confirm key.
You will be asked for your password. Enter it and press the confirm key. If
successful you will be asked to give the network a name, You can either name
it, or press confirm again to complete.

Hope this helps.
Chris Judge

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We got a new WiFi router today and I cannot figure out how to add the new
router to my Victor Stream. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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