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Mich Verrier

Hi I just applied to the assistive devices program hear in Ontario Canada and one of the thing that my person who gave me the assessment said that I should get is a 40 braille display I think he recommended the focus 40 blue. I have not red anything on a braille display how ever it would be nice to know that the braille does refresh once you are dun reading. Making the display smooth how ever I don't know of any braille displays that would refresh fast enouth that it would not brake the reading expearince. All of the braille I ever did was on braille papor and so I don't know of any braille display that would refresh as fast. From Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada.

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This is a good question! No matter what kind of material we are reading, I think all of us want a Braille reading experience that is the closest to reading from a sheet of braille paper. I work in radio broadcasting and I want a smooth braille reading experience as well. I am currently using the first generation of the Focus 40 braille display. I like it, but my braille reading experience is somewhat broken as well. I think there are some braille displays that scroll the braille automatically when you set the scrolling speed. I think that would be a nice feature to have. It might make the reading experience someone smoother.

I hope others will comment on this particular question.


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If you’re using a Braille display to read books from either Bookshare
or BARD, what kind of display are you using, and what kind of
formatting settings are you using? I’m trying to read an NLS book, Web
Braille, and the text is rather broken regardless of the reading view
I’ve set on the Braille Sense U2. I want to say it’s a HIMS product
issue, but I’m not sure my experience was much better on the Mantis.
By broken, I mean the text does not span the length of the 32-cell
display. Also, the translation leaves extraneous text visible, making
for a dysfunctional reading experience. Any ideas from my fellow
electronic Braille readers?


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