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Other possibilities should be cleared up, such as for example. That the USB C Cable is not working well, or that the External Hard drive needs to change configurations to be able to connect through a USB C Port, or that the port of your computer is not configured correctly.

Connect other 2 different devices through the same USB C cable you are using.

If this test works, the cable is not the problem. However, you should try to connect other devices to your computer using the same USB port you where using before. If the problems repeats. You already know that there is a problem with your USB C in your computer. If the problem no appears. It means that the external hard drive needs some configurations to connect through the USB C port.


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Hi All,


We have an LENOVO 81YK IdeaPad running Windows 10 Pro latest, but when I plug an external drive into the USB type C port nothing happens.  I do mean nothing!  I'm using a type C cable that supports both charging and data transfer, but nothing happens.  Below is what I've found that these USB type C ports are supposed to do.

USB-C connectors (Thunderbolt 3 compatible) / power connectors
The USB-C connectors on your computer support the latest USB 3.1 standard and are fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3 technology. With a proper USB-C cable connected, you can:
list of 5 items
• Transfer data between your computer and peripheral devices.
• Transfer data between your computer and another computer (Thunderbolt Networking).
• Charge your computer.
• Charge your peripheral devices.
• Connect your computer to external displays for video output.

list end


Well none of the above happens when I plug my SSD external drive into the type C port.  I can access the SSD external drive if i use a USB type A male to USB type C female adaptor, but that's the only way.


Has anyone ran into an issue like this and have a fix for the no connectivity, or am I totally  misunderstanding the way this USB type C port is supposed to work?

All help and input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.



Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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