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Nope, I’m in basic html view.


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There is a setting in GMail, you must be in the standard view, not in basic HTML, to get to it, for not reading messages by conversation. 


Activate the settings button and find the check box that says conversation view. Uncheck it.


Then find the save the settings button and activate it.



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Not sure if the way emails are laid out on if that’s conversation view which it appears to look like.

If it is how do I just put it in single view and not conversation view?

Just throwing random fake names out there, let’s say I’m on, in the inbox, it says the following, message from me, bob and tom.

I have to click the link, and read the emails from me, bob and tom.

Is it possible to just open up one email at a time?

It confuses me for some reason.


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