Re: Gmail Important folder


As far as I can tell, this shouldn't happen unless something is causing it.  I saw instructions for causing mail not to go to the important folder.  There is a problem with my online interface and I'm not sure I can see the settings discussed.  I have no idea if you will.  Here is the Google web snippet:

stop messages going to folder
if you don't want emails getting marked as important you can go to mail settings > inbox - disable Importance markers

Regarding something causing it, are you using the web interface or an e-mail program?  Are you using POP3 or IMAP if you are using a program?


On 12/7/2021 11:45 PM, Marie Nelson wrote:

Is there any way to stop mail from going into the “Important” folder? There are a few messages which will go to that folder and not show up in the regular Inbox folder. I have come close to missing some expected and/or needed messages due to this annoying Gmail issue.

I am in the process of moving to another email provider just because of thing like this.



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