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Can you have all the accounts in one program? 
All the accounts have separate folders and I would think it would be easier to only look at certain accounts when you want to in the same program. 
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I was able to locate all that a couple of weeks ago. My issue is locating the password box.

Typically, it’s one tab after the username but it’s not there!

I could care less for the mail app, but I simply use that program for other email accounts I rarely check, for example, my outlook and Gmail accounts.


Kimsan Song



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Hi Kimsan,

Try to tab maybe for a few times, and you should hear manage accounts, and you can press enter, and tab again until you hear add an account, you can then arrow down until you hear Google, press enter.  Enter your Gmail address and tab, and you should hear enter your password, follow the next few steps.  


I hope this helps. As I can’t stand the Mail App. 




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I want to add my gmail account to the mail app in windows 10.

I looked at the interface and I don’t know where the add account option is.

Can someone that has an email account set up in mail, provide steps?

Thank you,


Kimsan Song




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