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You need to use the control NVDA s dialog to select the synthesizer or the kind of interface .  SAPI4 and SAPI 5 are application program interfaces.  If you installed the attachment, you should find the choice in that dialog as Eloquence or something with the word in it.  If you installed the SAPI 5 version, choose the SAPI 5 option.  Then, use control insert v to open the voice dialog.  Tab until you get to the list of voices.  You will see, if you move up and down the list, the voices available, which will include the voices provided by Eloquence. 

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It did not say on code factory site but, how can I make it available to my NVDA speech synthesizer list?  It is a seven day trial. But, it did not show up on my list threw NVDA. Thanks Heather


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