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Nimer Jaber

alt+f, down arrow to download as, press enter, then press enter on the first option.

On Sat, Jan 1, 2022 at 9:40 PM Pablo Morales <pablocmd2014@...> wrote:

Hello all,


My best whishes in this new year 2022 for all the members of this list, family and friends and even people that we don’t know around the world.


Guys, I am trying to use the Google sheets online software and I am a little bit disappointed with the way how screen readers are working on this online platform.

I have the virtual navigation off, insert + Z as well the browser accessibility feature on my google chrome.

I am using the last version of google chrome, last update of windows 10 64 bits, and the last version of Jaws and NVDA.


I have not been able to download a google sheets online file as Microsoft excel. I have read instructions about how to do that, but I have not found instructions about how to do this using a screen reader.


Any advice would be appreciate.








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