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heather albright

Ah what is your tv provider, if it is Spectrum I can provide a contact so they can get it to work.  The FCC requires Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC to provide audio description. But, I do not think it applies to streaming services. Cheers Heather


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Hulu is supposed to have a bunch, but even though they categorize shows like 911, 911 Lonestar, and the Resident to be in the audio description category, that feature isn’t there on those shows as far as I have found. I wish I could get those with the description back, as even on TV here, they were last year until the time when the local Fox affiliate appears to have removed all SAP including even the Spanish on the football I don’t care about, but sometimes use to test that it was still there when it was.



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Hallmark channel has it described marginally. Hallmark has even worse description than CBS; I did not know audio description could get that bad. The describers do not use pronouns or complete sentences; Maybe they are out sourcing to third world non English speaking people.  The hallmark movie channel also describes all their movies produced in 2021; with the same non English speaking describers.I believe the golden girls are on from 9 to 11 pm CST. So while everything is closed captioned for the deaf, we are stuck listening to crap for the audio description.Here is a link, think there might be a better link out there:  cheers Heather


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I would grately enjoy the Golden girls Described.  Where do I find it please.



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Hi all,



Is there a site I could look at to find audio described tv shows? I'm

part of a dropbox with a bunch of friends, and right now All in the

Family and the Golden Girls, both described, are being shared. That made

me wonder what other shows, whether comedy or otherwise, might be

available somewhere described.





















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