questions about setting up an Outlook account manually

Madison Martin

Hi all,
An aquaintance has been helping me with my account issues and he suggested that I remove my account and then re-install it manually so that I can make it an IMAP account. Now he gave me steps and so I've been working on this today and I have a couple of questions mostly because I've never done this before. I'm hearing the ding sound indicating that I'm receiving new emails and even though the account shows up in the list of accounts within Outlook when I go and check there aren't any new messages (or any old messages either) in my inbox, any idea why this could be happening and what I can do to fix it? Also, any idea how long this account set-up is supposed to take? It's been over an hour now and every time I go and check the mail set-up dialog it just keeps saying that log-on to the IMAP server is in progress, so I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong or if I did something wrong or what... Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10, really hope someone can help me!! Thanks

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