Re: Business email addresses

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Mr. Vias, not every business owner can afford a domain name! People with
very tight budgets barely making it in business need not worry about a
domain name; it doesn't make such a one less honest than someone with a
domain name. My business has had a domain name for well over 25 years now,
but it DOES NOT have a website; I believe I have SERVED QUITE A NUMBER OF
SATISFIED CUSTOMERS through the years. Someday, if I can get my wee, small
head around to it, I'll launch a website.

Anyone can use a Gmail address for whatever floats the boat. Heck, even
lawyers, doctors, accountants, et al in private practice use Gmail

If you're choosing not to do business with a company because it doesn't have
a registered domain name, hmm, you could be missing a chance to get some
real bargain methinks. What's important is a high degree of honesty and
probity and that, I think is what you should watch out for.

Denver, Colorado

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