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Thomas N. Chan

I have manage or setup multiple domain into google app, changeto G-suite and now workspace.
You just need to change your mx records to send your email into your mailbox
You do not need ftp server  website or whatever fancy things yo ucan do with your own DNS records 

My own, as well. I just redirect  to wordpress or some sort of shopping cart.
It will cost you $50 to $100 yearly just for the domain
$6 for google workspace monthly at least . for 30gb and more features
You are looking at $172 just to have your business on google workspace

It might be cheaper if you get the domain through google workspace but hey, this is the cost involve here.

If you want more you pay a few dollars monthly and you get 100gb if I remember that correctly.
Thomas N. Chan

On Sat, 15 Jan 2022 at 11:29, John Holcomb II <jhii926@...> wrote:
Huh, you can have a domain name without a website?
Ok, so then how do people find out about you withotua  website?
I thought that would be the entire point of  having and paying for a domain?

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Mr. Vias, not every business owner can afford a domain name!  People with
very tight budgets barely making it in business need not worry about a
domain name; it doesn't make such a one less honest than someone with a
domain name.  My business has had a domain name for well over 25 years now,
but it DOES NOT have a website; I believe I have SERVED QUITE A NUMBER OF
SATISFIED CUSTOMERS through the years.  Someday, if I can get my wee, small
head around to it, I'll launch a website.

Anyone can use a Gmail address for whatever floats the boat.  Heck, even
lawyers, doctors, accountants, et al in private practice use Gmail

If you're choosing not to do business with a company because it doesn't have
a registered domain name, hmm, you could be missing a chance to get some
real bargain methinks.  What's important is a high degree of honesty and
probity and that, I think is what you should watch out for.

Denver, Colorado

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