Re: How to reset a Brailliant BI 40X

Ron Canazzi

Hi Kay,

I have a Brailliant BI-40.

Once the unit is turned on, double tap the power button to put the unit in settings mode. (this means a single finger momentary press of the power button. Do not hold the power button down at all or you will turn the unit off.) Then use the bars on the very front of the unit (left and right--on each end) to move from setting to setting. For each setting (where applicable) use the two inner bars (the two bars one position from the bars on the outer end) to select choices within each setting.

You should come to a braille display text that says: 'restore default settings.'  then double tap the power button again to go back to normal mode.

This issue is a bit shaky. Sometimes I have to push the double tap of the power button twice to get it into settings mode. I don't know why this is. Maybe it's my shaky old fingers.

On 1/15/2022 10:32 PM, Kay Malmquist wrote:
Sorry about the mess.  Let me try again.

The subject says it all. I would like to reset a Brailliant BI 40x back to factory defaults for a friend. I have looked all the way through the users guide and can not find any info on this. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks much.

Kay Malmquist
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