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Quentin Christensen

CONTROL+Y, as suggested by Thom will open the "Go To Folder" dialog.  To get to the folder treeview pane in the Outlook Window, you can press either CONTROL+SHIFT+TAB or SHIFT+F6.  Both those commands will move through the sections of the Outlook Window (CONTROL+TAB or F6 move forward through sections, but starting from the message list, the folder tree view is the "previous" section).

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On Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 4:51 AM Walter Ramage via <> wrote:

                Hi all.  Can somebody enlighten me as to the hot keys to get to the folder treeview in outlook 2019.  I’m using Win10.  I did a Google search and I get told the keystroke is Control+6 to get to the folder list but I do that and yet nothing happens.  The other keystrokes Control +1 to control+5 does get a reaction but when I do the control+6 command nothing happens.  Any help will be appreciated.  Walter.   

Quentin Christensen
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