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the instructions are long but if you leave them opened and move between the instructions and the program as you work, I don't think you will have a problem keeping your place and going step by step.If you have problems or questions, ask.

Evidently, you want to import the address book from one copy of Thunderbird to another.

The first thing to do is to see how many address books you have with actual contacts in them.  I don't know why, but I had a lot of empty address books.  I also have three address books with contacts in them even though I didn't specify that any be created.

To begin with, export the address books.  Open the address book section of Thunderbird with the command control shift b.

Then tab until you get to a treeview that says all address books.  Down arrow to the first address book.  Wait and you will hear how many contacts are in it.  Down arrow again to see if there is another address book.  If there is, you will hear how many contacts are in that one.  Pay attention to the names of the address books.

When you get to the end, up arrow again to all address books.

Down arrow to the first address book you want to export.  Open the tools menu, alt t.  down arrow to export and press enter.  You may have to wait a bit but a dialog like a save as dialog will open.

If you want to see where the file will be saved, tab until you get to a field in the dialog that tells you.  All the files will be saved in the folder shown so you don't need to check it again.

Tab back to the name of the file, where you started, and press enter.

the address book will be saved.  You may not get any notification that the export has finished but at some point, you will be back in the address book window.

Go through the same procedure I outlined above.

You have now exported the second address book.

Follow this procedure until you have exported all the address books.

To import an address book, be in the address book and open import in the tools menu.

When opened, down arrow to the address books radio button.

Tab to and activate the next button with the space bar.

Tab to where you are asked what kind of file you want to import.

Down arrow to the line that says, Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt).

Tab to and activate the next button with the space bar.

You are now in a typical open dialog.  Find the file name as you would when opening any file.  Press enter.

A dialog will come up for matching the records in the file to be imported with the fields that will be in the imported address book.  I have done this so seldom and so long ago that I don't recall how the fields should be matched, in other words, how you change the order to have the name shsown.  All you will see are the addresses when you look at address book entries.  Someone else may tell you how to match the fields.  But even though you don't know how to match the fields, when you use autocomplete, you will see the full names in the addresses and autocomplete will find what you type if it is a name.  That should make the addresses useable  in the way it appears most people use them most of the time.  It is my impression that most people use autocomplete.

When you are in this dialog, about matching fields. shift tab to the OK button and activate it.  The import will begin.

I'm not sure how long it takes because I don't hear anything that tells me when it has finished.  To find out, I alt tab out of the window, release  both alt and tab, then alt tab once to return to the window.  I then see a finish button if I read the current line and the import is finished.


On 1/19/2022 8:31 PM, Joe Giovanelli wrote:

Hello, Listers,

The subject more or less says it. I need to import a Thunderbird address from computer to another.

I appreciate any ideas you may have.

Thank you very much for your help.

Joe, w2pvy

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