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Perhaps this has something to do with being redirected.  I don't know enough about this to discuss it in any detail or to know exactly what happens but at least some links in Tech Talk Tidbits redirect you to their web site, as far as I can tell, and their site then directs you to the intended site.  My guess is that this is a way of the site keeping track of how many people click on links in the newsletter to attract advertisers.  There may be something in the way the browser is first directed by the e-mail to the Tidbit's web site, then redirected by the web site to the intended link that triggers the message.

All the links in the newsletter may do so. 


On 1/21/2022 3:01 PM, Vicki W wrote:
I've been selecting temporary disable, but I didn't know why I would get the message for every link in that particular e-mail.
Very strange.
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:Perhaps something has changed in the data-base cited.  I don't know how disabling this data-base would affect ad blocking in general.  Disabling it temporarily may just mean for following this specific link.  I haven't looked into how UBlock  Origin (spelling) works.  You could disable the add-on when you are going to read this newsletter or you could disable the data-base temporarily when you get such a message.

But I would think the data-bases that tell the program when something is or is likely to be advertising changes over time.


On 1/21/2022 2:30 PM, Vicki W wrote:
I have noticed that recently when I click on a link in an e-mail, most often Top Tech Tidbitts, that I get the following message, which does not pop up in every e-mail, but always in Top Tech Tidbits:
uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:
Because of the following filter:
Found in:
Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list
Close this window
Disable strict blocking for
Anyone have any ideas why I would suddenly start getting this message especially in specific e-mails?

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