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What are you referring to by highlight key?  There is no such key.  Do you mean open the context menu then type s or open a ribbon and type s or something else?


On 1/22/2022 12:30 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
In Outlook to send mail to Junk:

Highlight the unwanted mail.
2. Press Application Key or Highlight Key+S.
3. Press J for Junk.
4. Press Enter.

There you have it for Outlook.
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Nancy, I hesitate to share much info 'cause I don't have
Thunderbird deployed over here. But, if it is similar to
Outlook, you can simply SEND THE MONSTER thingie to Junk
Mail and that should take care of it. To do so, focus on
the offending message, but DO NOT OPEN it.

Press the Applications Key, then letter "J" for Junk mail
and the first landing areads: "ADD SENDER TO JUNK MAIL?"
Whack <enter> and it's gone for good never to surface again.

Ok, I did a Google search and found the following info which
I hope will help you at the following URL:

Much thanks and all the very best.

Denver, Colorado

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