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21h1 is an upgrade to Windows 10.  Also that is out of date, as latest is 21h2  for Windows 10. First install 21h1, but first download any cumulative and security updates. Then upgrade to 11 if you want to.

On 2/1/2022 1:08 PM, Janet wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I have quality updates  26

driver updates24

definitions updates 50

other updates 23, but these updates are for Windows 11, and I  am still using Windows 10, so my question is am I right in assuming the feature update 21h1 is Windows 11?  Although, when I check for updates, I  see up grade to Windows 11, and below that option is feature update for Windows 10 21h1, and I can’t update either of these updates unless I  up grade to Windows 11.  A  little confusing! LOL  

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 





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