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heather albright

I do not know but, she had her brother over to her house and he installed the classic shell. I found out when her desktop sounded different than mine and the options she got were a little different. I have not used classic shell for about 2 or 3 years. Thanks Heather


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From: Gene
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Is the person using classic shell now?  I haven't used it but I question whether it does anything useful and I suspect you have to turn it off to use some valuable features.  Is the start menu search available when you are using it?  I just started using Windows 10 a little over a week ago.  I had almost nothing to learn to use it and what I learned was minor.  An example is that I can get into a list of all programs simply by opening the start menu, and shift tabbing twice.  First letter navigation doesn't work as expected.  I can move to the first program beginning with a letter but I then must down arrow to the one I want.  But using the start menu search works so well to open programs that using the start menu instead of the programs list should make little or no difference in ease or efficiency when the person has gotten used to it.  You don't have to type the full name of a program.  I can type Edge and open edge.  I might be able to type just ed or edg, I haven't experimented to any extent.  You may want to experiment to see what word or part of a word moves you most efficiently to a program.  But with the ability to make desktop shortcuts and pin programs to the task bar, you may want to use those methods in a lot of cases or most of them.  And often what you want to type in search may be efficient and require little or no change.


I strongly believe that people shouldn't decide they are going to use this or that modification or not do or use something in Windows until they see what the actual interface is like.


I am not saying the Windows 11 interface is exactly like the Windows 10 interface.  But Windows is Windows and you will be very likely to be able to use most or almost all you know either in the same way or with very small modifications.


I don't use universal apps and there might be more to learn if I did.  But just using traditional programs, I needed to learn almost nothing. 



On 2/13/2022 6:05 PM, heather albright wrote:

Hello, I have been working with someone on how to use their pc with windows10. They have decided to use classic shell with windows10. They were coming from xp/seven.  They are going to be getting a pc with windows11 on it. I have not used classic shell,  for quite some time. Just wondering will they have an equivalent with windows11? Thanks Heather   

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