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I agree totally with connecting my printer via the USB cable. I have a Brother all in one laser printer and there is a definite speed increase with the wired versus wifi. I first tried wifi and got so aggravated with the setup, I gave in and called for sighted assistance. And the setting would not always stick. Having it plugged in is so very dependable just as having your computer connected bia and ethernet cable.
Log live the hard wired access.

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I'm going through the quarter-century tiny-apartment reorg for the first
time. One of the recommendations to cut down on wire nests is to get a
wireless printer. I am totally against this on many grounds--I don't
need to clutter the Wi-Fi airwaves with more junk from my wireless
printer; I think wireless printing is slower than hardwired, although I
have no concrete proof of this except pure math--it taikes longer to
upload two megs of content, the average print job being about five
pages, each of which is 400k for a JPeg of a full-page scan, than it
does to send it over a 1000mbps hardwired connection (OK, you could
argue that I'd hardly notice the difference, but there still is one);
wireless printin is harder to set up because you have to interact with
an interface on a remote piece of hardware that isn't always
blind-user-friendly; if something goes weird with your wireless setup,
you lose connectivity to the device, whereas, with a wired setup, you
can simply plug it in directly to the back of your computer and print
away; these and probably others make me want to keep my wire. I'm also
told, and I rightly don't believe it, that multifunction printers are
now smaller than once they were,and the one I'm replacing (against my
better judgment) is about ten years old and working splendiferously! It
does have one feature lacking--I'd love a full-duplex printer to save
trees, and a better sheet-feeder than the one on this one I currently
have, which sometimes fails to begin feeding when I tell it to scan
multiple pages.

But an even bigger concern, of course, is accessibility of the control
software, either on the Windows computer or in the printer's firmware.
I've been quite fortunate in that the software for my current printer,
the HP 1212MFP, is as near to 100% accessible as I figure it to be. I'm
not sure I've used every single function the thing has on offer, but all
the ones I have used--print queueing, faxing, scanning--all are 100%
accessible. Unfortunately, the copy function is executed only from the
front panel keypad, and of course I had to learn that one by rote
memory, and it does not do network faxing--I can't select a document
from the computer and fax it without printing it and scanning it first.
I suspect all new printers can do this.

So: Recommend me an accesible black-and-white (non-color) multifunction
duplex (double-sided) printing and maybe even full-duplex scanning
network-faxing laser printer. I paid $120 for the last one, and I
thought that was a steal of a deal. I've seen such devices for as high
as $300, so I know the prices have skyrocketed since I got this one, so
don't be afraid to shoot the moon if you think it's worthwhile. I don't
mind spending the money for another device that will last as long as the
current one has, which is on past ten years now.

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