Re: Accessibility of Nord VPN


I don't know about those 3 unlabeled buttons but when I'm logged in I can set every thing except Threat protection.

I try an older version on my old Mac running El Capitan and I try on latest iOS and also Android 5 and Android 10.

It's possible to use them apps but the Windows version is for sure the worst when it comes to accessibility.

Alternative ways to connect can be Windows built in client and the OpenVPN software.

But the built client only support IKEv2 and there'll be some maual work to do ty make it work.

They have guides for thaton their website.

At home I flash my Netgear router with the DD-WRT firmware and configure the VPN to work there.

It means that client connected to my network will all go though the VPN connection.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 2022-03-14 at 15:25 Fanus wrote:
Hello list
I installed Nord on my PC. There is a "login" and a "register" button but
the other 3 are not labled. Can someone please tell what they are and in
general whether the software is accessible with JAWS once one becomes

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