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Ah yes, I forgot that they renamed it to Default Apps. I guess I'm going to have to setup a dual boot with 10 if I want to provide more accurate assistance since I don't currently have it installed.

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Hi Bill,
First, welcome to the list.
To select a different player to be your default player, follow these steps:
1. Press Windows+I to open Settings.
2. From Settings, navigate to System/Default apps and press ENTER..
3. Press TAB until you land on music. Press SPACE, then use TAB to select
the player you want and press ENTER. Do this for the video app.
Regarding opinions and other Windows 10 goodies, what would you like to
know? In terms of system security and privacy, it depends (some say it's
good, while others say it's a bad thing). Regarding accessibility, I can
testify that it is a work in progress (nowadays I'm investigating
accessibility of various so-called universal Windows apps with NVDA).
In regards to screen reader, I'm the resident NVDA developer here so I can
tell you how NVDA does things with Windows 10, and we do have expert screen
reader users (like Gene asner and Carlos) who can tell you about how their
screen readers work with Windows 10.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm one of the new guys and am wondering if we have any windows 10 users
what I'm particularly wanting to know is can you choose your player of
choice to be used instead of that groove music thing? If so, please tell me
how I do this.
many thanks,

Bill Koppelmann
FACEBOOK: Bill.Koppelmann
skype: billblinkster
have a great day
and keep standing up for
God and our country

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