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Hi Monica,
Support for XP ended with JAWS 15, not 16.
From the JAWS 16 help file:

JAWS 16 Discontinues Support of Windows XP
Microsoft discontinued support for the Windows XP operating system in April of 2014, 13 plus years after its initial release. Based on this decision, we have decided to discontinue the on-going development and testing for Windows XP as of JAWS 16. Starting with the initial release of JAWS 16, it will only install on computers running Windows Vista or higher. For all of our customers who may continue to maintain a Windows XP computer, you can download the current JAWS 15 release, along with earlier versions of JAWS, from our archive download pages on the Freedom Scientific Web site. These earlier versions will remain available for our customers in the future as well.

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No, if I understand correctly, you can still use sixteen, but they stopped support for XP with that version.

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Hi Donna,
The highest or latest version of JAWS that you can use on XP is Version 15.
I am glad to hear that someone else is using XP besides myself. I cannot
afford to move up right now.
Blessings and All the Very Best, Pat

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on this p c I am using jaws 11 but I have them all keep up my s m a but don
't install most as I have x p and like it,how high of jaws can I use with xp? DonnaAt 01:46 PM 12/16/2015, you wrote:
It works well with JAWS, but as was indicated if you have a very old version of JAWS it may not work as well as it does with newer versions.
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Does it work well with jaws? Donna need something that works..At 01:37 PM 12/16/2015, you wrote:
Alt+D or Control+L for the address bar and Control+D to add a bookmark.
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is fire fox as easy to use as was i e eight can not shop any more on amazon with ie, how do you open a dialog box to put in a web site,and how do you add a favorite or book mark?
Tried sea monkey but it did not read a lot of things..

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