Re: lowest bit rate for audio books?


You can use lower bit rates if you are creating a monaural file.  I'm speaking of mp3 files.  I haven't read or tested what I am saying with other files.  By a monaural file, I don't mean recording something that is monaural.  I mean that you can encode the actual file as monaural.  If you want a standard bit rate, I would say not to go below 64 monaural.  If you don't care if a bit rate is standard, I would say not to go below about 48kbps monaural.  However, you can experiment and try 32kbps.  there are some audible artifacts introduced, particularly in the way the letter s may sound but if that doesn't bother you, you may want to use 32kbps monaural.  No one can tell you beyond a certain point, what you will or won't find acceptable.  You have to experiment and see.
Also, different people hear compressed audio differently.  I'm giving bit rates based on how I hear them.  You may find that what you find acceptable matches what I say or you may find that your experience differs.  You may want to experiment with other bit rates because you hear compressed audio differently.
Also, keep in mind that you may hear artifacts to a considerably more extent if you use headphones.  If 32kbps sounds alright to you when listening with speakers and you intend to listen with headphones, evaluate the audio with headphones. 

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Subject: [TechTalk] lowest bit rate for audio books?

What is the lowest bit rate I can use for audio books without losing
much sound quality?  For example, when I use Baliboka to take text
from an ebook.

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