Re: technology, use and addiction

enes sarıbaş

Well the hatred isn't  specifically  a problem with social media.  It is an increasing problem in society, inflamed by the prior political administration giving  legitimacy to some hate groups by publically supporting them.

On 3/26/2022 11:16 PM, Monte Single wrote:

Hi list,


Whether it is a smartphone,  social media,   online gaming or video lottery terminals  many people, young and old,  just cannot resist pressing that button one more time.


Some people have more addictive personalities.  The format and presentation of some apps and games take advantage of this weakness.


And then there is the rancor that all too many people use while expressing their opinions.


All these items lead to a toxic brew that is causing much damage to the lives of individuals and  the fabric of our society.


The responsible use of digital technology    is in real need of some kind of   use of personal responsibility. 

We have rules for things like driving vehicles,  guns---depending where you live,  drugs, and   other activities that cause harm to people, animals  and the environment.


So why  do we let facebook, twitter and such make billions of dollars while their subscribers  spew hatred and prejudice?


…and please,  don’t tell me about freedom!!

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