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Monte Single

Hi Marylin,

No, Using apple budsin a stream will not do anything except give you another way to listen to your stream.

Sometimes, when third party hardware is plugged into an apple device, you may get a message saying something like;

"this is not a genuine apple product:.

Don't worry, that's just apple trying to sell more of its overpriced gigaws.
I find it amazing how many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of ear buds.

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OK, this is clearing up things a lot. These earphones/buds were found a few days ago as I was cleaning out some empty boxes so I could throw them away. I always check thoroughly to be sure nothing is left inside the box. In one, I found a hard plastic case with these buds in it. I became curious about what that extra thing was.

When I asked my husband what box it was that had this item in it, I found out it was an iPhone box. I haven't ever heard any person talk about this click thing before either. I am happy that I now know something I didn't previously.

I don't have an iPhone, but I want to try the earbuds on my husband's just to try out that switch. I have been using it on my Victor Reader Stream and I hope that will not incur any damage to the Stream or the earbuds.

Thanks to both Ashley and Chris. When you mentioned Siri, things started to make sense. Even at my age, I never want to stop learning.
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And if you squeeze it in the center it will start and stop audio and such. If you squeeze and hold it you will wake up siri.

Chris Judge

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This sounds like a volume switch. You can simply roll it up or down to adjust the volume.
Hope this helps,

Ashley Breger

On Mar 31, 2022, at 9:16 PM, Marilyn and Don Bilderback <djbilderback@...> wrote:

I hate to sound dense, but on this new pair of earbuds, there is a
roundish thing attached to the chord that goes to one side. It sort
of clicks and it has a plus sign on one end and a minus on the other.
I don't know what this is for as nothing seems to happen when I click
it. It is about the size of a straw and is about two inches long. Any ideas?

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