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Monte Single

Hi Marylin,


I’m sure it’s  the same battery,  just being sold by other dealers..  There are other places to buy the stream besides humanware,  I think they are referred to as licensed dealers.

Our frien Laz from talking mp3players is one.


You can still listen to your stream using the charging cable.


How long did your battery last before the bloat?


Still trying to cheer,




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Sorry about your battery.  I find myself in the same boat and am waiting for a new battery from Human Ware.  I didn’t understand why there were many places that stocked the same battery. Weren’t we told that you could only get them from Human Ware?  Very confusing.  I ordered one at first from Independent Living aids but after about eight days, we called and they had not even processed the order!!!  My battery was swollen also and it cause that little tab to crack off.  Duct tape to the rescue.  Meanwhile I have been without a Stream for two weeks and who knows just when it will arrive? 


Happy waiting for your battery.




Another blind person said HumanWare told her on the phone that they were out of Streams and had no idea when they would be in.  Their website said nothing about that.   I was willing to pay for faster delivery, but was told that batteries couldn't be on a plane.  




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I will add that the prices I gave are in canuck bucks  so u s prices will be about 30%  cheaper.   The power of the greenback still reigns!


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Hi List,


Recently my victor stream has developed a bloated battery.  Just my luck;  I didn’t leave it sitting  in the sun.

I think the battery is about 2 years old so I doubt there is any warranty.

Here in Canada, humanware wants $54  for a new battery, add in shipping and taxes,  I guess it will be at least $70  .

I checked on amazon and found nothing.

Does anyone know of a good price for this 2nd generation stream battery?


Well, I’m trying to cheer.



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