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Hello Joseph:

Thank you very much! I don't want to get stuck with apps I don't use.
lol I installed a weather app from one of our local TV stations that I
don't need because I have an app from another local TV station that
has news and weather.

I love how we get such prompt responses to the questions we ask of this group!

Thanks again,

VictorOn 12/18/15, Joseph Hudson <> wrote:

Hello Victor, what a great question. If you double tap and hold on the app,
there will be update that happens, this will allow you to either move yeah
or possibly delete it. This is what they call editing the home screen mode.
Once you're in this mode, you can slide your finger around withholding app,
and either moving around, Or simply deleted. In order to delete it in this
mode, you just need to simply double tap on the app. There will be a screen
that comes up, that wants you to confirm. Once this is done the app is
simply deleted.
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On Dec 18, 2015, at 1:14 PM, Victor <> wrote:

Hi all:

How do I remove/uninstall apps from my iPad? I'd like to know how to
do this in case I decide I don't need some of the apps I've installed.



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