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What I mean is that when I start moving, I then do what I would do if I heard the page start to read automatically.  Its another way to know.


On 4/12/2022 8:20 PM, Marda wrote:

Does firefox have that problem as well?  It's not chrome based.  Maybe if automatic reading of a page is important do it with firefox?


On 4/9/2022 5:38 AM, Gene wrote:
The Brave browser is Chrome based and has the same problem.  This appears to be a general problem in Chrome.  NVDA will adapt to it.  I don't know when a modified update will be released.

Brave sto;ps commercials and does a lot to prevent tracking.  You may want to use it for that reason.  It tries to have its own advertising and share revenuhyue with sweb sites but I don't know if it does this by default.  The ads it shows are not intrusive.


On 4/9/2022 5:07 AM, Monte Single wrote:

Hi Gene,

Well, maybe this is a sign that I should be “BRAVE”!


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This has been discussed on the NVDA users list.  It has been stated by one of  the developers that Chrome-based browsers have changed the way in which they tell browsers that a page has finished loading.  NVDA will accommodate the change but for now, it won't automatically read once a page has loaded because it isn't aware of it because of the Chrome change.


On 4/9/2022 4:42 AM, Monte Single wrote:

Hi List,


In the last day or so I have noticed a difference in my chrome browser.


I am using current versions of win10, nvda and chrome.


Nvda would read the whole web page when I opened a webpage using chrome.

Now, when I open a new page while in the chrome browser,  nvda says nothing.  I have to use the read command or navigation keys for nvda to read  anythingon the currently displayed web page.






P s;  I may have seen some messages on this subject,  but,  I didn’t think it affected me.


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