Re: synology nas question

Monte Single

So it is likely anexternal case where you can insert a number of storage drives depending on the numbere of bays in the device.

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I think sinology may be a brand, and NAS may stand for network area storage.

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What are these devices used for? I am not familiar with this type.

Curious George, I mean curious Sharon

On 4/14/2022 11:33 AM, David Mehler wrote:

Does anyone on this list use any Synology Nas units? If so I am
considering getting one. I'm between two, a 700 series and a 900
series, from reading I was under the impression that the first number
indicated how many drives each could hold, this does not appear to be
the case. Currently I have three drives that I can put in the nas,
more to get as time and money permit. If anyone has any specific
knowledge on either of these i'd appreciate knowing it.


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