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Pablo Morales

I am extremely lazy, and I did the following to make my life easier.


  • I move the mouse to a place where I was believing were no icons.
  • I pressed the mouse right button and select new then shortcut.
  • It asked me for the location of the icon and I added mmsys.cpl.
  • then, I assigned a name for the icon and press finish. Now, I can go to the desktop and find the icon quickly or even I would be able to add a keystroke to open this dialog with just one keystroke.




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You can do a couple of things:

1. Visit the classic sound settings by either going to the classic control panel by going to run and typing control, or visit them directly by going to run and typing mmsys.cpl

2. You can get to them by using the start menu search. Just search for sound mixer Options.

3. You can also get to them by using Windows Settings.


Hope this helps.


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Hello all,


I have been using Windows 11 for a few weeks and I am pretty happy with the speed and response of the operating system. However, I have no found a easy way to switch sound devices on my computer. On windows 10, this task was very easy. Using a screen reader, I only had to press insert F11 to open the system tray, look for the sound settings, and press enter, then select sound configurations and select my audio device. On windows 11, I can take the similar steps. However these steps are not longer useful because the screens and dialogs are different, longer and complex.

Does anyone know a easy way to switch the audio device on windows 11?


Thanks in advance,







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