Re: I am in need of a new soundcard

heather albright

Well, I had to just USB speakers as my sound card was not working on the pc. And all the external cards sounded good for music but, they did not sound all that great with a synthesizer. I there was a set of bookshelf speakers that sound good on the pc. Here is the link, 39 dollars and I think they have a coupon on them:

The wooden case keeps them not vibrating off the desk but, I did get some speaker stands for my desk, I have the pebbles on them. I was going to get another set but, they are no longer on sale.  

The stand hold the speakers just right to have equal sound on both sides. And they are stirdy.  I use the bottom stand to put my iPhone while it is charging. And the other standI put some cables for easy reach.


and than I started using the pebbles plug and play speakers. But, I got them for 49 dollars back a few years ago. Now there almost 200 dollars.

I actually have my wooden speakers connect to my fire stick .

Cheers Heather



Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2022 8:02 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] I am in need of a new soundcard


Is there an internal soundcard that is fairly simple to install?  The one I got with this computer never worked propperly, and I've been limping along with a cheep exturnal card. 



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