External keyboard for use on smartphone question

Keith S

Hi folks, the android newbie idiot here. Have a question about external keyboards when used with a android phone.

I know that bluetooth keyboards can be used with smartphones and I also know that spespecial cables can be plugged into the charging port of the phone that can have a USB keyboard plugged into it.

Now, my issue is this folks: there are 2 types of keys on keyboards. The flat type that if you lay your hand on the keyboard, all the keys are level with each other and it feels like you are laying your hand on a tile floor. Just the "cracks" between each key is a simple slit on the keyboard. Okay, that is keyboard type 1. The second, which I am more used to as I am 48 years old and worked on keyboards that were used on windows 95 running desktops. these keys have a larger space between each key or at least it feels like the keys are farther apart, infact the keys taper a bit when they go up. This is the type of keyboard I am looking for. My wife said that she could not locate a bluetooth keyboard for me for this past Christmas with the tapered keys on it. I do not care if I get a blue tooth keyboard with this type of key structure or if I have to purchase the cable converter

to allow a USB keyboard to connect with a micro usb socket in the phone.

I do have a USB keyboard with the taper topped keys I use with my laptop, but I am not sure if an external keyboard needs to be specifically built/created/programmed for use on a smart phone.

I have not purchased the converter cable from amazon that I was given information for yet, as I wish to know if I can use the keyboard I already have.

My wife did a bit of online hunting prior to Christma 2021 and she said that bluetooth or USB corded keyboards that she did find with the tapered key tops (which she referred to as "mechanical" keys ran between $30 and 180. The keyboard I am using right now, cost me $18.99 at Walmart 3 years ago.

Just looking for some info, not complaining on anything, even though it sounds like it.

Apologese to all,

Keith (the clueless blind tech guy, formerly a high functioning tech guy with sight)

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