Re: I need help installing open drive.


Perhaps the captcha is temporarily not working correctly.  Things go down or don't work correctly all the time.  Before switching to something else, unless it is better, trying the captcha for a day or two might result in success.  Also,, did you try more than one browser?  that should be one of the first things tried as a matter of course when odd problems such as this occur.  What browser is currently being used?


On 4/17/2022 6:52 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all, I like overdrive for files, and it was great in the past. I tried to use it again but, I couldn’t get past  the captcha  requirement. I checked the I am not a robot box, and I  even took the audio challenge. But it kept asking me to do it again. So I had  my sighted wife to do the captcha test, and it asked her to do it again also. So I decided  to fined another program like open drive. can anybody suggest one? I am using jaws  22 and windows  11 Jim


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