Re: Asking for help with an error 403 message in IE

Steve Matzura

403 usually means forbidden. I just went through a simiilar problem
when developing a secure Website, and as soon as I refreshed my
browser's cache by pressing F5, my problems disappeared. Give that a
try first before you start taking your system to bits.

On Sun, 30 Aug 2015 16:14:12 +0100, you wrote:


Can you help out with an Error 403 using IE 11 64bit and Windows 7. I
have turned off my antivirus software, the firewall and run deep scans
for malicious software with both Malware bytes and Essat and still I
have the error. Funnily though, my Thunderbird still works so surely
that would indicate the internet settings are correct, so I am stumped.
Can anyone help?


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