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Teresa Arroyo Llosa

Hi Alan,

Your suggestion worked like a sharm. Thank you so much

Teresa Arroyo-Llosa


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Between the left control key and the Windows key is the FN key. Holding down this key will allow F6 and F10 to work as they did with your old computer. Since you have a dell, you should be able to press FN + the Escape key and change the functions keys to the way that you are use to using them without having to hold down the FN key in conjunction with other keys.


Hope this works.




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Subject: [TechTalk] Context menu and changing panes keys



I have a niew Dell PT 143G laptop computer with Windows 11 and Jaws 2022. I was wondering if any one might know which might be the contextual menu key and the key for changing from pane to pane, in the model I mentioned.

In my old dell I used shift+F10 and shift+F6 to go from pane to pane. In this computer the functions keys are different. For example, F10 changes the level of brightness.

Thank you in advance.


Teresa Arroyo-Llosa



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