Accessible home security systems


Hello list,

So I’m sure this topic has come up before, but I don’t recall what the feedback was.

In any event, I’m considering getting some sort of home security system and was curious to know what other blind folks are using. Be it motion sensors and or cameras and so on.

I was looking into just getting a front door type of camera set up, but was thinking of perhaps just going all in and getting the whole thing and not just a camera for the one door.

I’m leaning toward Simply Safe

As there are no contracts involved and none of that hard wiring that is necessary for a more traditional set up. But checking their site, it doesn’t seem like they’ve got many if any camera options.

I know I can also run down to my local Costco or other store like that for security cameras, but again, accessible or at least accessible by me to some extent would be ideal. Be it via an iOS app or other computer means. I know I can always rely on my sighted wife if need be, but I’d still like to be able on some level access what I need to when I need to.

I’m especially interested in something that also includes a front door camera and intercom. There have been more and more daytime burglaries in my surrounding neighborhoods so answering the door in a more safe manner would be nice. The wife and I are fortunate in that we run our businesses from home, so it’s not like the place looks abandoned during the day, but still. I’m not too keen on blindly opening the door per say when someone knocks. The same for having my wife just answering the door.

Anyway, I have to believe that people on these lists have some kind of set up so I thought I’d ask.

Mainly though, I’m not looking for contracts and heavy wiring and installations. Even if it’s just cameras, that’s fine. Just something  that can be reasonably accessed.





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