Re: setting up Itunes to use with my iPhone

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Yeah, that's for sure. At least when I'm adding credits to my apple account from something like a giftcard, things are much simpler from the app on the phone, rather than trying to tinker with Itunes on my Windows, certainly.

Then again, I also recall that when I set up my initial payment information way back when, I had this strange issue in where it acted like it would never accept my information that I'd entered in the page there. It just kind of refreshed and had me thinking that the information hadn't been entered correctly, but never really provided any error otherwise. It was until I got a notification from my bank that apple had tried to verify my account information several times and that my bank was about to place a temporary hold on access to my account. This was using the application on windows.
It was that, along with it being more convenient that lead me to finally changing things over to using paypal as well.

On 12/18/2015 9:42 PM, Melissa Hammitt wrote:
If I remember right through the iPhone was waaaay easier to do that to
try via the computer. I had to have sighted help in order to "verify"
my information so that I could buy stuff that way.

On 12/18/15, Jeremy <> wrote:
I can't recall, but do you know if it's possible to set up the payment
information from the ITunes application on the phone? If you can, that
very well may be easier than doing it through the computer one, as the
windows version can sometimes be weird.
Just a thought. smiley

On 12/18/2015 9:39 AM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hello All,
I already have Itunes installed on my laptop and now I'm trying to
configure it to be used with my iPhone using some instructions that a
friend of mine sent me.
He told me to open Itunes then do an alt-s to get to the store menu
and arrow up to sign in with my apple id and sign in, so I do that and
when I hit the sign-in button I get a message that this id hasn't been
used with the Itunes store before. So I agree to the privacy
agreement and then the next step is to choose a payment source so I
choose pay pal and log in to verify that, but it's the next step that
I get stuck on because after verifying pay pal as my payment source
and hitting the continue button the page comes up for me to download
Itunes. Of course as I said above I've already done that and it's
installed but I don't see a way to get past that page. There's no
continue button there, and the only other thing I knew to try was an
alt-f4 to close it, but that takes me back to the page where I verify
my payment source again. Can anybody tell me how I can either get
past that download page, or bypass it completely so it doesn't pop up
so I can continue setting things up?

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