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It's due to the ID. If, we share IDS, for example, we could see each other's iMessages, everything. Happy to be corrected, however.

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Hi folks.  First time I've ever known this to happen.  Have updated both my iPhone 5c and iPhone 6 to 9.2.  Both phones have different numbers and I was chatting to a friend in order to check for any bugs that might have come along with the upgrade.  I asked her to call me after I had ended the current call so I could check something else and she did so but when she did call back, both my phones rung despite both phones having completely different numbers.  My friend said it happens with her iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 also.  Does anybody know why this should be?  My friend reckons it is because they both have the same apple account but that shouldn't mean a call made to one phone will also be routed to the second.  I can see privacy issues with this problem.  In my particular case, there is no privacy issue because I live on my own but in situations where there are other family members then it might be a problem.  Also my friend said if I send her a text then that text will also appear on her second phone (I haven't found that to be the case personally).  If I have one phone and a family member had another phone, different number but sharing the same apple account then a personal call or text that is sent to me could be easily answered or read by the other family member.  Do you think it is the fact that both phones are tied to the same Apple ID?  Should this really be happening, after all, if somebody hacked your apple ID and was able to assign another phone to that ID then everything coming in would go to the phone they have also.  Walter.

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