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Bhavya shah

Dear all,

Muchas gracias amigos por ayudarme! I just tried Vocalizer Carlos and
Eloquence for Spanish, and my first impression of both is quite
favourable. The CodeFactory bundle for NVDA does not seem to support
automatic language switching though, about which I will have to
enquire on the NVDA Users mailing list.


On 5/11/22, Leo Bado <leobado1982@...> wrote:

I’m a native Spanish speaker, and definitely I have gone through what you
describe, in my case it was English though… 😂 I suggest the Nuance
vocalizer Spanish Colombia voice. Microsoft Pablo is Spanish Spain as far
as I can remember, and not even most Spanish speakers like these inbuilt
Microsoft voices. The Carlos Spanish Colombia voice is as clear as a famous
broadcaster can be, and the accent is Latin American neutral rather than
Colombian accent. However, if you like Spain accent, I suggest Jorge, but
you will definitely sound like a guy from Madrid because the accent is super
heavy 😂 anyways, your choice…


Leo Bado

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Dear all,

I am a Spanish beginner, and am currently using a combination of

Espeak-NG and Microsoft Pablo to get through Spanish material. While I

have used ESpeak-NG extensively (for English, Hindi, and even

Sanskrit), I am a little too new to this language to be able to

comprehend its speech without considerable effort. Among Microsoft

OneVoice, after some experimentation, I settled for Microsoft Pablo.

It, too, is imperfect: it did not announce the accents in é, í, ó, and

ú (which I patched using NVDA's Speech Dictionaries), I cannot

distinguish between "y" and "i", and it just feels like there might be

better options out there. I will probably be using any Spanish synth

at a fairly slow speech rate, and care mainly about each word being

clearly enunciated. While I recognize that synths are ultimately about

preference, I hope the above description of my situation clarifies

what I am specifically looking for in a Spanish TTS.

I would truly appreciate any suggestions and recommendations.

Kind Regards,

Bhavya Shah

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Kind Regards,
Bhavya Shah
B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science | Stanford '24

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