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Walt Smith

Beth -
Oh, for heaven's sake. What did you do before BARD came into being? Download a bunch of books; store them on your computer; and you'll have enough reading matter to keep you going for a couple of days. This is definitely not the end of the world.

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I understand I should be patient, but patience never paid off. We blind people can't just go to a library and pick up books we like, and Bard is for some about 80% of book access, so you have to admit that this error is unprecedented, but I say it's unacceptable because it's not good for the public eye for the site to be down for this many days. Remember the Congressional Kindergarten class that resulted in the shutdown? Well, because of a Tea Party full of greed, we lost access to books, and that's unfair. I won't let that happen to me or thousands of other readers.
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