Input on accessible espresso machines


Hello list,

So I’ve been considering getting an espresso machine. Currently, I’m using this janky Aeropress recipe which can do a semi-decent job, but I’d like to upgrade to something that can actually pull real espresso shots. Is anyone on this list currently successfully using an espresso machine? I know I’ll have to stay away from machines with touch screens and capacitive buttons and my preference is to also stay away from anything that relies from anything that depends on any sort of app or WiFi.

I’ve used a moka pot in the past and wasn’t a real fan. I also don’t’ need something with all sorts of bells or whistles like an integrated grinder, frother and scale. Really just something that’s capable of pulling two shots

I was gifted a Ninja coffee maker for Christmas that had all sorts of functions, but it unfortunately had one of those capacitive buttons with a menu you had to cycle through to pick what you wanted to do. There was no way I could use it.

I know you can go down the rabbit hole when it comes to espresso, but I’d like to keep my budget around $600 max.

If anyone’s got any suggestions or hands-on input, I’d appreciate it.




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