google mini powered micro usb cable

heather albright

Hi, I realized perhaps my earlier message was not clear so I have rephrased it to reflect my intention.

I have a google mini speaker but, I do not have room on my back up power supply for the ac adapter. I was told I could just use a micro USB cable  to USB and run it off my USB hub like I do my fire stick and my USB  speakers. I did not want to use a micro USB cable with the wrong ambage as it can ruin my speaker. I tried to find the exact baltage off amazon and no luck for the google mini speaker, none of the results said works with google mini speaker.  I read that this are the specs for the google mini speaker:

5 volts and draws 1.7 amps. Has anyone  done this before? I cant see the baltage off my micro cables as I am blind so I am searching for the right cable  that matches the baltage on the AC adapter.

Thank everyone for any assistance. Heather



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